Janette Schoenherr

Jan Gryphon WalkJan believes that clients have an amazing ability to self-heal and that the job of the therapist is to walk with them through that process and point out those strengths and abilities so that they can be used more effectively to deal with the struggles at hand. “I believe it is important to learn about the client’s world and to develop a relationship where clients can feel understood and supported while learning about themselves. This creates the space for exploring the choices they have and any changes they may want to make toward more personal fulfillment.”

Therapy for adults consists of talking and sharing thoughts and feelings as well as exploring strengths and vulnerabilities and looking at behavior patterns that may not be working in an effort to make positive changes.  Jan’s experience with adults includes treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, PCD, addictive and impulsive behavior, life adjustment and grief.  Jan uses a person-centered approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy when working with adults.
Jan has completed ‘Level 2 Gottman Couples Therapy: a Research-Based Approach’ for working with couples. This approach includes an assessment phase designed to help better understand the couple’s relationship and set appropriate goals.  She has experience in helping couples heal after an affair as well as deal with how problems such as depression or addictions have affected the relationship.  Couples who have difficulty communicating around perpetual issues have been helped to deal with these in more productive ways.

Therapy for children may involve consultation with parents who need support meeting their child’s challenges, as well as helping parents and schools work together more effectively to meet an individual child’s needs. Play therapy may be used when working directly with children.

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“Play is an effective way to help children learn strategies to manage their own emotions and behavior, as well as to help them open up the thoughts and feelings behind their behavior so that different choices can be made.”

Jan has previously worked as a school counselor.  Her expertise with special education and school systems can help parents navigate through the steps necessary to help their children become successful in a school setting.

Jan’s work with children includes extensive experience with ADD/ADHD evaluation and treatment. She has also received the Statewide Autism Resources and Training (START) Intensive training and has used this to help autistic children learn social skills, manage behaviors and achieve school success. Jan uses solution-focused therapy and cognitive-behavior therapy, as well as Adlerian therapy, and play therapy when working with children.

Jan also holds an Approved Clinical Supervisor certification and provides group supervision for limited licensed professional counselors who need supervision in order to achieve full licensure.  She also supervises counselor interns at Spring Arbor University as an adjunct professor, teaching in their Masters in Counseling Program.

Gottman Approved Memberboard-certified-NCC

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