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Judith White

Judy White, counselor/psychotherapist, is the creator of Whole Life  Counseling in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Judy specializes in clinical mental health as  well as wholistic health. With over twenty years of experience, she has worked with  individuals, couples, families, and groups—specializing in the treatment of  anxiety/ panic, depression, midlife concerns, divorce adjustment, parenting and  family issues, healthy couple relationships, sex therapy, and dreamwork.

Judy has studied dreamwork for decades. She has presented numerous workshops and seminars on dreams. She also created and facilitated ‘Creative Self Discovery’ (a workshop for discovering and recovering one’s creativity), and Artist’s Way workshops (based on Julia Cameron’s book) for six years. Judy has done workshops on simple living, family communications, and other areas of wholistic health. Her creative interests are in the visual arts, dance, writing, and outdoor re-creation.

“I see life as a journey of the Soul toward personal growth and increased well-being… an opportunity to develop self-understanding, accept challenges, and explore new ways of interacting with one’s elf, others, and with life. Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way, is a literary and creative gift to the masses of people who yearn to find more creativity and joy in their lives.”