Phyllis Senesi

Phylis' Picture for WebsiteYou are unique in all the world! There is no one else just like you with your story—your song–your life.  Your family, your pets, your home, your friends, your community—where you came from—what you have overcome and endured—all these make you the unique person you are. 

Sometimes, we wish to turn the page on our story:  begin a new chapter, write a new verse to our song. 

“My therapy involves walking with you while you decide where you want to go from here—who the person is that you want to be—how you want your story or song to change.  I support you in achieving your goals.”  

I am a well-experienced therapist who has lived through family, parenting, and marriage, as well as being a formally trained therapist.  I have been trained in Structural Family Therapy, in the Trauma Model, in the Internal Family Systems model as well as in many other modalities.  I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a licensed Clinical Social Worker (meaning that I do professional counseling/therapy.)  With persons who come to me for counseling I use my clinical skills, intuition, experience, spiritual perspective and training to suggest appropriate ways to work with issues and questions that are brought to me.  In this process I look respectfully at the situation from which each person comes and from where they came.  Through careful listening and reflection with a person, I consider the unique qualities that an individual brings, before suggesting a particular direction of counseling. 

Phyllis Gryphon WalkI believe that it is unnecessary to revisit all of a person’s painful situations to move ahead to another way to live life.  While at times a person may encounter some painful memories in our counseling, I will assist the person in finding the skills needed to manage this pain safely, and that will allow that individual to move forward with strength and calmness.  It is important to me that the person I am working with is in charge of the speed with which we explore their life and those challenging thoughts and feelings.

When children and teens are experiencing challenges and are brought to see me, I respect the fact that parents and caregivers know their children well.  Together, we will develop a plan to help this young person learn new skills that may assist them to grow into successful young adults.   

“Rather than trying to help you re-write the old chapters in your book of life,  I focus on helping you to re-evaluate those chapters, re-define the meaning of your past, and decide how you want to write your future.  Together, we can form a team to discover how to move forward with new skills to solve problems, and for you to find peace and joy in your unique life!”