Susan Hall

Susan has a passion for helping people. Working from a place of compassion, she makes an effort to understand and truly knows her clients and what they are experiencing. She strongly believes that things can and will get better. She works to instill in her clients the hope that improvement and positive change will happen by identifying and building upon strengths. She also explores the areas where there is room for improvement. She partners with her clients to get insight into issues and problems and to move toward solutions. As she works together with you, a plan is created based on these insights to effect meaningful, positive change in her clients’ lives.

When working with children and teens, Susan uses a variety of play therapy techniques that include playing games, incorporating art and sand tray techniques, teaching coping skills, and building emotional intelligence among other things that best match the verbal and developmental level of the child and their individual personality. While the child is her main client, she will also work with the parents to build on and develop effective parenting skills that match the unique challenges and needs of the child.

The journey is sometimes difficult, but it is always an adventure. Susan would love to help you turn your life challenges into stepping stones to further maturity and success.